Match Point Stringing is your full-service racquet stringing and customization headquarters.

My goal is to elevate your game while enhancing the understanding and appreciation of your equipment.

Meet Cade Nadeau – Your Personal Stringer

Cade Tennis Stringing

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my website.  Here’s a little bit about me.

First of all, I love tennis and I must admit I have a slight addiction when it comes to tennis racquets and strings.  Somedays I can get lost online looking at this stuff for hours.  Just ask my Mom. 🙂

However, that love has helped me become a very proficient stringer, very quickly.  As a player, I understand how important it is that you feel 100% confident in your strings, especially when you are stepping on the court for a BIG MATCH.

As your personal stringer, it is my promise to you that you will be 100% confident in your racquet and all you have to do is execute your game plan.


BRING YOUR OWN STRING – $15 per racquet

For labour only, customer provides string.

Prince Warrior Response (16) – $35 per racquet

Prince delivers a versatile co-poly to a broad range of intermediate and advanced players. This innovative string blends a soft polymer core with a firm polyester outer layer. Like a hybrid, Warrior Response offers a nice balance of features, including a comfortably firm feel and controllable power.  Price includes string and labour.

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